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Determine your body type and see the best styles of shapewear for your body

The banana or pencil body shape type is uniformly lean from top to bottom. The closer your top measurements are to your hips and waist, the better this body type describes you. See the best shapewear styles for the pencil body shape type.

The pear body type is probably the best known. Pear body types have more on the bottom than on top. If you find outfits that fit perfectly from the waist down often need a lot of alterations above, the pear could be your body type. These are the best shapewear styles for the pear body type.

Apple body shape types are proportioned bigger on the top. If ensembles that fit fine there need taking in to be comfortable from the waist down, this is probably your body shape type. See the best shapewear styles for the apple body shape types.

The hourglass body types tend to get bigger both above and below the waist at the same time. If you find a lot of clothes leave you feeling squeezed at both ends, the hourglass body type probably describes you. Discover the best shapewear styles for the hourglass body types.