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Why wear Body Shape Wear?

Body Shape Wear arriving from the States

The body shape wear has become enormously popular in the United States in the last 5 years. Recently the renowned North American magazine The Best of Intima organized a survey amongst 50 department stores selling corsetry. 90% stated to already offer body shape wear on their shelves, while the remaining 10% stated to succumb to the new product developments within the body shape wear industry, announced to introduce body shaping underwear soon and claimed that it had been recently elevated to fashionable lingerie.

Luxury body shape wear has arrived in Europe in 2010 with the luxury brand CASS Luxury Shapewear offering a fashionable collection of high quality and high comfort body shaper underwear. Quite soon European quality lingerie brands followed, with brands such as IMEC and Pierre Mantoux launching qualitative body shaping underwear as integral part of their bodywear or legwear collections.

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For which problem zones do women buy Body Shape Wear?

A local reinforcement, a correction of the silhouette of the abdomen or "a flatter tummy 'is cited by 100% of the respondending stores.

In second position comes the demand for body shape wear for the area around the hips, mentioned by 35% of the stores, followed closely by body shape wear for the legs, thighs and the buttocks.

For the American woman the support of the bust is adequately provided by the classic bra, which appears to meet the required comfort, aesthetics and demand. According to the survey virtually no body shaping underwear are purchased for this body zone.

Compare before & after body shape wear

Observe the visible slimming and smoothing of the body shape, the elimination of bra and panty lines, the lift and enhancement of the bust and the slimming and shaping of tummy, bum, thighs and hips.