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Free Exchange & Full Refund

  • Does not fit? Exchange for free
  • Does not satisfy? Get a full refund = price + shipping + return
  • 14 days no hassle return policy
  • Quick refund within 5 business days
  • Questions? Call our 24/7 Hotline

Does not fit? EXCHANGE for FREE.

  • We refund the return costs. Check below how much we refund per country*.
  • We pay for the shipment of the new product.
  • We refund by bank transfer.

Does not satisfy? Get a FULL REFUND.

  • We refund purchase price + shipping + return costs.
  • Check below how much we refund depending on your country*.
  • We refund by bank transfer.

* How much do we refund for return shipping? This depends on your country.

We refund your cost for return shippingReturn shipping cost
Benelux € 5 £ 5 kr. 40 45 kr
UK, Denmark, France, Germany & Austria € 10 £ 10 kr. 75 100 kr
Other member states of the EU € 13 £ 13 kr. 100 125 kr
  • Refunds of return costs are irrespective of quantity, weight or shipping method.
  • We apologize in case the refund does not fully cover the cost of return shipping.

We cannot match the costs for all shipping methods in all countries. We hope you appreciate we refund a fair fee for return. If you return by postal services, you will be normally fully refunded.

  • We refund in Euro. The amounts in GBP, SEK or DKK may differ a little bit because of exchange rates.

14 days no hassle return policy

Exchanging a product or getting a refund is easy if you comply with following steps:

  1. Return the product in the original perfect state, packaging and with original labels
  2. Fill in the return form part of your parcel.
  3. Ship the returns within 14 days after delivery to:

To the attention of Mrs. Hilke De Ceuleneer, Jolilly Bodywear
41, Oude Bareellei (house number & street name)
B-2170 Merksem (zip & location)

Quick refund, within 5 business days!

  • As soon as we receive your return, we refund you within 5 business days.
  • We refund by bank transfer.
  • Please mention your bank and account number on the return form.

Questions? Call our 24/7 hotline

  • International: +32 498 505 189
  • France : +33 970 447 648
  • The Netherlands: +31 10 340 0508
  • Belgium: +32 498 505 189

Or send an email to info@jolilly.com.

Or fill in the contact form.